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Dying Byte Survival will offer a variety of weapons, Slow Motion Effect, Diving, Cloak of Invisibility and very detailed particle and effect system, a closed quarters but also open fields, open world experience, to explore and make missions. You will be able the unlock Weapons and Weapon Attachments and configuring your loadout for every district in the main menu. After the end of story, the game will transform to an Open World which all district will combine each other and you will everytime be able to join the game and do your Gun-Fu Shooting training as usual. It will feature an additional game mode: Classic Horde Waves Survival. It has deep animation development and fixing bugs as well as a story line and DLCs.


  •  -14 Weapons 
  •  -Sliding System 
  •  -Slow motion System 
  •  -Cloak on Invisibility System 
  •  -Diving System 
  •  -Closed Quarters 
  •   Story Line 
  •  -Open World Pesistence on story end 
  •  -Classic Horde Waves 
  •  -Online PvPvE Multiplayer 
  •  -Map Editor (Optimistic) 

 As a FPS Game: 

 Various Weapons and nice Animations. Its a very smooth and good performing fps game. Like other games this fps game will offer great Frames-Per-Second for decent PCs also. 

 As a Tactical Game: 

 It has all tactical game features like Slow Motion Focus, Diving Jump and Clock of invisibility and also leaning and a slow to medium but also fast paced movememt that makes this tactical game enjoyable. 

 As a Realistic Game: 

It will be in a realist game world of corruption with offices industrial and city open world enviroments. All graphic was taken from real materials which is making it a unique realistic game. Like other realistic games Dying Byte Survival uses the latest Unity Engine to offer best quality and performance. 

 As Stealth Game: 

 Dying Byte offers Clock of Invisibility which giving it the stealth game tag. All AI Behavior will be optimized and based stealth game. It will feature a visibility indicator bar which if exceeded will trigger the alarm. In this specific stealth game triggering the alarm is a good way to use the Slow Motion effectively to train Gun-Fu skills which this make Dying Byte Survival a unique Stealth Game.


Dying Byte Survival Development Stage 2 Test Demo v0.4.5 1 GB
Mar 23, 2021

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